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Experience the benefits of passive real estate income without the burdens of day-to-day management.




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Passive Commercial Real Estate Ownership

In a true passive ownership scenario, the investor is not responsible for property management, decision-making, or any operational aspects. Instead, they enjoy the benefits of ownership, such as potential income through rent and a share in property appreciation, without the need for direct involvement in the property's management or strategic decisions

Pass Through Depreciation Of The Asset

pass-through depreciation is a tax advantage for investors in a commercial real estate fund, allowing them to benefit from the property's depreciation in a way that can be advantageous for their overall tax situation.

Investors Can Use Self Directed IRA/401k & LLC's To Invest

the flexibility for investors to utilize their retirement accounts or create LLCs as vehicles to participate in real estate investments.

Quarterly Distributions Directly To You

This approach provides investors with a regular and predictable income stream, and the direct transfer to their accounts simplifies the process, enhancing convenience.

Returns Exceed Other Traditional Investing Opportunities

Consistent profits supported by the stability of tangible assets, leveraging substantial tax advantages, render multi-family investments highly sought-after.

Access To Institutional Grade Investments

In straightforward terms, we make available to you what was once exclusive to major institutional investors.

Cash Flow

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Why Commercial Real Estate?





A strategic playbook designed for high net worth individuals seeking an elevated investment experience in an ever-evolving market.

I am particularly impressed by GOB Fund's strategic approach to multi-family real estate investments. The Fund's meticulous acquisition criteria and value optimization strategies have consistently delivered strong returns while minimizing risks. I appreciate their focus on identifying undervalued properties with significant value-add opportunities, allowing me to diversify my portfolio and achieve my financial objectives.


Helena Gibbson

06 April 2022

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